Asset Management

Cromwell operates a ‘customer first’ philosophy when it comes to asset management because we believe good relationships are the foundation of investment success. Our Asset Management teams look to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our tenant-customers in order to understand their needs and flexibly meet their requirements.

Our Asset Managers also set bespoke annual business plans for all assets and continuously review progress of every asset, in line with the overarching investment strategy and are constantly looking to implement leasing, redevelopment, refurbishment, sustainability and tenant-focused engagement initiatives in order to maximise the value of each and every asset.

Budgets, forecasts, plans and performance reports are prepared in a transparent and consistent manner to ensure all assets are managed efficiently and that we effectively maximise investment performance through:

  • Rent and service charge collection;
  • Report on rent arrears, bailiff cases, rent indexation;
  • Maintenance programmes and budgets;
  • Lease compliance;
  • Handover of units at lease start and finish;
  • Information reporting to asset management; and
  • Insurance.